Back Spasms, Their Symptoms, and Potential Consequences

Back spasms can totally mess with your life. They can come out of nowhere, leave you reeling from the pain, and make it to where your plans for the day, or sometimes longer, are out of the picture. If you suffer from them on a regular basis, it is good to know the full array of symptoms that you could face, and the consequences of those back spasms if you do not get relief. Here is a breakdown of the symptoms that typically present with back spasms, and a list of what consequences you need to be aware of.

The Physical Symptoms

Most people assume that back spasms only involve a contraction of the muscle in the back. However, there are other symptoms that can accompany back spasms, not all of which directly involve the back. In fact, if your back spasms are the result of another type of medical ailment, it could just be a minor part of what your body is trying to tell you.

The most common symptoms of back spasms include pain and tenderness in the back. This can radiate down into your hips, up into your ribs, and even move around towards the front of your body. If the back spasms are severe enough, they can radiate all the way up your spine and even hurt your neck.

When the spasms are over nerves, it can cause numbness. This can extend from your neck to your buttocks, or it can even radiate down into any of your extremities. This can leave you feeling like your arms or legs are extra-heavy due to the muscles being weakened by the spasms.

There Are Also Neurological Symptoms

When you suffer from regular back spasms, you can also have some neurological symptoms. The most common of these symptoms includes a headache that typically presents itself in the back of your head. This comes from the tension in or around the spine, and radiates up into the area of your head where your spine connects. Nerve problems causing weaknesses in different sets of muscles, or numbness in different areas of the body are common when you suffer from back spasms as well.

Worrisome Symptoms

If you suffer from any of these symptoms of back spasms, you should go in and get checked out right away, as it can be a symptom of something other than back spasms. If your pain, weakness, or numbness is completely one-sided and interfering with your ability to move or function like normal, you want to get checked out. If your balance or your coordination suddenly go, and you find yourself stumbling, falling, or unable to move safely, again, you need to go in and get checked out.

When you lose control over your arms, your legs, your bowels, your bladder, or any of them go numb to where you cannot move them or feel them, you need to get immediate medical attention in or around Centerville, Ohio. These are not symptoms that you want to take a chance with, and you should make sure that you get to a doctor as quickly as possible.


If you do not get your back spasms checked out, they can lead to other problems that are not so easy to treat. You can get temporary weakness along with back spasms, but if you leave them untreated or do not get a diagnosis as to what is causing the spasms, that weakness can become permanent. The same goes with numbness or tingling in the areas around the back spasms. The damage to the nerves that may have started out as a minor pain in the back, can become permanent nerve damage in a relatively short amount of time if you do not get it corrected.

An eventual loss of control over your bowels or bladder could happen if you leave your back spasms alone thinking they will go away. This can be on its own, or it can accompany what is known as saddle anesthesia, which is a numbness in the body that covers the insides of your thighs, the back of your legs, and your rectum. This makes everything from walking around Centerville, Ohio, to driving, to going about your normal routine, incredibly difficult.

Professional Help Can Rid You of Back Spasms and Avoid These Types of Consequences

Instead of suffering from back spasms for the short, and potentially the long-term, go in and get professional help to deal with them. They can see what started your back spasms, which then allows them to figure out an effective treatment. Don’t leave your back spasms to be dealt with another day. Each day that you live in pain, is one day closer to the damage and pain being your permanent companion.

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