Monica H reviewed Holten Wellness Center — 5 star
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I am EXTREMELY happy that I chose Holten Wellness Center for my chiropractic and rehab care. The entire staff is an absolute blessing to me. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes following doctors orders, but it works!

Abigail M reviewed Holten Wellness Center — 5 star
(Review on Facebook)

The staff is so nice especially Dr Holten!!! They were able to get me in the same day even tho it was my first appointment! Dr Holten was nice nice and made sure I really understood everything. The staff is so kind as well!! So glad I chose Holten Wellness

Jamie O
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I came to Holten Wellness after suffering from upper back, neck and right shouder pain for years. As the years passed the pain increased ~tightness in my neck and right shoulder/shoulder blade, and having headaches often. I have had X-rays, an MRI, and physical therapy off and over the last 20 years. I also tried regular massage but the relief was only temporary. However through treatment at Holten Wellness my symptons have improved significantly! Additionally I have more energy and I enjoy life in general so much more.

Ariel W
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I have completed treatments at Holten Wellness twice in the last decade. I have some pretty bad Scoliosis in my neck, and I have tried other Chiropractic treatments, but I always come back to Holten. The reason I believe they are worth the investment of time and money is that they understand that the entire body needs to be realigned and and strengthened around the adjustments. Yes, you go quite frequently. The results are great, and I get relief for longer periods when I maintain appointments after the initial treatments. Ten years ago I came to Holten Wellness Center, with issues stemming from my neck, all the way down to my knees. They created a personalized treatment plan that we followed for the span of quite a few months

Jason D
(Review From Google)

The staff is very knowledgeable, positive and more than helpful! I have been having issues for years that no one could figure out. Having had all kinds of tests run from scans to blood work all to no avail, Holten Wellness Center not only figured out what was causing my issues but also started me on a treatment regimen to help resolve the issues. I am already seeing a difference and should have gone to see them earlier! It is a calm, peaceful and family friendly atmosphere making it easy to look forward to going to your appointments.

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