Nutrition & Fitness

Nutrition & FitnessHealth is a full time job, and depending on your schedule it can be a lot to keep up with. My job as a wellness coach is to meet you where you are and provide a smooth transition into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I hold be accountable on a weekly basis and give them realistic goals to achieve throughout the week. Food is essential for all functions of the human body. When we starve our bodies from nutrients we are more likely to promote the growth of dis-ease in our body. Symptoms are your bodies way of telling you there is something out of balance.

My job is to bring you back into balance through proper nutrition, challenging exercise courses, and requiring the mind to build the value of why this is necessary to live whole. Our wellness program is very individualized to meet your needs.  Once you have created life long habits you will be able to promote health not only for yourself, but those around you. The most important part of all of this is accepting that it is a challenge.